Healing and Transformation - A Body - Centered Process

As human beings, we hold stories of unexpressed thoughts, feelings and impulses that deeply want to be seen, felt and expressed, so that we can ground and settle in ourselves. Healing allows us to move from living out the past to living in the present moment. This healing system offers a wide variety of skills to support what arises as clients are present with what is, bringing awareness and presence to an embodied experience and life.

This process builds self-awareness, embodied presence, authentic expression and heart to heart contact for rich relationships with self and others. Sessions include subtle tracking and exploring of sensations, emotions, energy, movements, and gestures.



Samantha draws from the following modalities in her Body Centered Counseling Practice as an MFT:

Somatic Listening and Trauma Resolution

Psycho-Spiritual Integration

Pre and Peri-Natal Repatterning

Embodied Roleplay

Pregnancy And Birth support

Pre and Post Surgery Support


The following services are for Samantha's Somatic Healing Practice:

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Facilitated Touch and Movement

Holistic Health