Samantha’s work brings profoundly deep changes in the gentlest of ways. It’s guided exploration of one’s somatic and emotional landscape – unfolding, allowing, and inviting healing and growth. I sincerely recommend her work.

—Monique, Business Woman



Somatic therapy is a process that works with the inherent intelligence of your mind, body and spirit. We all have a built in natural impulse for healing, when given the right support, either from self or other.

Somatic interventions are impactful as they allow the body to tell us what is happening, as well as help the mind and body to act as a team. Your body/mind will inform and guide us in the sessions. Body centered therapy is a process oriented approach meaning I will follow your lead, while at the same time offering suggestions that may help. I will accompany you as you grow and heal, at your pace, in your own unique way.


Brain plasticity, also known as neuro-plasticity, is the brain’s ability to change in response to our experiences. When the brain is fed resonance and empathy, a person becomes more resourceful and resilient. When we are heard, seen, and understood, it is easier to ground and settle in ourselves. 

Somatic therapy offers a resonant field for you to receive empathy, strengthen your own self loving capacity, and empowers you to do transformative inner work. This will literally rewire your brain towards a more resilient state.

Knowing our brains can change, given the right environment, gives us hope and the motivation to shift and update our coping skills, habits, and beliefs, and become the boss of our own lives.

I provide Individual, Couples, Family Systems and Child Therapy, Parent Coaching, and Family Mediation Services in person and online. I offer you:

– Intelligent compassion

– Direct and honest communication

– Practical Mind/Body Skills

– Evidence based strategies

Please contact me and I will call you for a free 15 min consultation.