Through her naturally warm character and sensitivity she is able to create a safe space for her clients and guide them through a deep healing process. I highly recommend Samantha as a competent, indispensable, gifted therapist.

— Jacquline, D.O.


Our brains are neuroplastic, meaning they can change. When the brain is fed resonance and empathy, a person becomes more resourceful and resilient. Our brains are not wired to do it all alone. We are wired for connecting and bonding and belonging.

We form our blueprint in relationship and we heal in relationship. Somatic Therapy offers a resonant field for the person to receive empathy and strengthen their own self loving capacity, all the while literally rewiring their brain towards a more resilient state. When we are heard, seen, and understood, it is easier to ground and settle in ourselves.

As a baby and young child, we needed this connected empathic mirroring and reflecting to be able to create a healthy self image and learn to self soothe. And as adults we are often in need of re parenting our inner child, and healing our broken bonds and traumas.

The prefrontal cortex (the thinking, planning part of our brain) and the amygdala (the part of the brain supporting emotional self regulation, sense of security and belonging) become connected with resonance rather than discord. The fight or flight hormone, called cortisol is lowered and immune functioning is improved by being met and meeting ourselves with kindness and warmth. FMRI scans of the brain literally show this healing potential.

Therapy supports a new blueprint from which you can more easily resource and regain confidence, strength and direction.