I work with Samantha myself, as have many of my colleagues and patients. I have felt greatly changed for the better in both my psyche and my physical body. She is uncommonly gifted at reaching the heart of a matter. She is also sensitive to subtlety and she effectively combines highly developed intuitive skill with well-honed tools in academic psychology. She is an alchemist of sorts and I consider her an invaluable resource in this community.

– Michelle V., DO


It is not always easy to manage and navigate our internal landscape alone. Our wounds often form in relationships. Therapeutic relationship is one way that a new blueprint for healing can happen. You will have my unconditional regard, and my honest reflections and guidance as I accompany you through the places that are hurting. The lost, disowned, or judged places inside of you need to be included, cared for and transformed.

Sometimes we need to sink into the present moment where all your vitality and wisdom awaits. At other times we need to seek understanding and resolution by looking into the past, finding truth and understanding, so that we can better put things to rest. With guidance the one can lead to the other – a held journey. A circuit towards greater peace and clarity.

Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapy is a process oriented approach, meaning I will follow your lead and what works for you. I will utilize various evidence-based strategies including interpersonal neurobiology, sensory integration, family constellations, cognitive behavioral therapy, and attachment-based and trauma-specific treatment.

We can use any modalities that I have to offer and create for you the best healing environment we can.

I am committed to your true self which is naturally wise and kind. I have a deep respect for your natural impulse towards self healing.

I promise that if you show up, I’ll be there to follow your lead, your impulses, your inner knowing and meet you where you are.

You will gain tools and skills that feel empowering and exciting to practice.