As a fellow therapist, I have learned from her and sought guidance in consultation with some difficult cases. Samantha is a pioneer in bringing somatic modalities and intuitive ways of knowing into the purview of traditional psychology. She is a most mature and skillful practitioner of ‘energy psychology’ and I only wish more people were able to see her.

— Jeff C., Marriage & Family Therapist


The electromagnetic bio-field is measurable around the body and is getting recognition in the field of psychology.

Bioenergy systems such as meridians, and the cranio-sacral system are used in energy medicine and energy psychology. Feldenkrais has proven the power of awareness through movement. We are designed to heal.

The mind body study of awareness through movement uses the principles of neuro-plasticity to support new options in learning, moving, and thinking. When the brain is provided with options and can choose the new information it needs, our brain can rapidly change in a positive direction. Finding new options is empowering and builds resilience.

Becoming aware of oneself through movement is the key to realizing our full human potential. Mind body studies explores the connection between brain and behavior.

Noticing the tide or rhythm of the cerebral spinal fluid that flows through the spine is useful in regulating the nervous system and clearing trauma from the body. In fact, the systems of the body, including joints, muscles, connective tissue, organs, and bones have movements and frequencies. Heart resonance, and energy awareness techniques facilitate the gentle shifting of physical and emotional patterns. Deep states of presence often arise that offer rest, expansiveness and inner resources.

As a practitioner I have developed the skills to track on many levels. This can be used individually and or between people relationally.

I will offer you practical skills you can take home with you to expedite and enhance your healing and sense of sovereignty over your body and life.

Build resilience and well-being.