Samantha is a child whisperer! Our kids love her and think she is made of magic! We are so grateful! My daughter loved Samantha’s Mind Body toolkit. She still brings it out at home.

— Terry, Mother & Teacher


I work with kids dealing with communication challenges, issues of self esteem, learning challenges and social difficulties, anxiety and depression, grief and loss, withdrawal or hyperactivity, attachment difficulties, divorce or separations and traumatic experiences.

Samantha brings warmth, patience and respect to her child clients.

Children’s behaviors show us if their needs are met or unmet. It may be the need to be heard, to be seen, to be held more, or to be given more space to grow. Play therapy is a wonderful way to support your child’s expression of his or her needs.

Play, movement, art, and visualization can be very helpful for children. Samantha is very adept at creative interventions.

She will also give your child, kid friendly mind-body-energy tools, that are supportive at various stages of development.

Processing Impactful Changes, Stressors & Trauma

When children experience or witness something too scary or too big for them to manage themselves, Samantha can help your child process any trauma stored in their mind-body safely.

Samantha can help you help your child through these situations with compassion and guidance.

I bring together many modalities to help your child learn to connect and set limits, help ground and center, calm and settle, restore, and to speak to their experience and communicate effectively.

As your child meets their goals, therapy pauses. They can come back to me as they need, to work with issues and challenges that arise at different times in their development. I can accompany you as your child grows.

Children are gems, open, curious and naturally kind and playful. Together, we can help you and your child remember how amazing they are!

Parent Coaching is Also Available.