Samantha has worked with my family since my daughter was a few months old. She has been essential in our growth and healing. Her knowledge and skills combined with her warmth and intuition give her many unique tools for her to draw from in her sessions. I always leave feeling a powerful shift that I couldn’t have imagined.

— Teresa, MFT & Mother


I work with families dealing with communication challenges, attachment difficulties, issues of self esteem, school and social difficulties, anxiety and depression, grief and loss, traumatic experiences, family dynamics and changes in family structures.

Family Systems Therapy

My approach to child therapy is to work with the whole family system. That means that I may see a combination of the child alone, the child with a parent or both the parents and the parents individually or together. The more I know about the dynamics between all the family members, the better I can help. This is the same whether the family is a nuclear family, a two household family or a blended family. Working with the whole family system is often more financially affordable as well as more efficient.

My job is to learn about the dynamics and about the goals you have. From there, we will together find a way that gives you the best results.

I offer creativity and responsiveness to the challenges of your family.

Somatic Family Therapy

Somatic Family Therapy is an effective way to find out a lot in a little time, how your family has learned to connect and disconnect with one another. Every individual and family has different levels of closeness and spaciousness that are needed to flourish. We all need to be able to lean in and trust others as well as lean into ourselves for our own guidance and self support.

When we learn to read our own body-mind and the signs that are happening naturally to tell us what we feel, we begin to feel more grounded in ourselves. When we can share ourselves with others and know they will listen and be there, we feel safe and have a sense of belonging. This gives us a healthy brain.

And when we lose our way, get emotionally flustered and our brains go offline, we can use our tools to return to a healthy brain state, forgive ourselves, and apologize to anyone we may have hurt along the way. When we value and cherish our bonds and relationships, we will commit to repairing any wounding and miscommunications that happen (as life is perfectly imperfect and we need to learn to surf the waves).

I bring together many modalities to support you to connect and set limits, help ground and center, calm and settle, restore, and to speak to your experience and communicate effectively.

As you meet your goals for your family, therapy pauses. You can come back to me as you need, to work with issues and challenges that arise at different times in your life. I can accompany you as your family grows.

I will help you become the family you want to be.

Parent Coaching is Also Available