Samantha is an unusually gifted human who has developed a unique approach to personal healing. She has developed a powerful ability in assisting people into the depths of the present moment and helping them unravel deeply seated dysfunctional patterns. The beauty of the work is that clients and students do not have to rely on theoretical or psychological intellectualization, for their embodied experience will allow them to grasp their truth and the substantive nature of the work. I highly recommend Samantha Nadia Terriss as both a healer and a teacher.

– Madison, Psychologist

Individual, Couples,

Family Systems & Child Therapy

Individual Therapy
I will accompany you as you navigate your internal landscape towards healing, strengthening your resilience and wholeness. I will follow your lead and what works for you.
Couples Therapy
Leaning in to love can be one of the richest and warmest experiences one can imagine. We lean in to love as we lean into ourselves and accompany ourselves through life.
Family Systems Therapy
The dynamics of family life are both filled with joy and challenges. Looking at the whole system through a somatic lens offers insight and connection.
Child Therapy
Children are gems, open, curious and naturally kind and playful. Together, we can help you and your child(ren) remember how amazing they are! I will help you become the family you want to be.