Samantha is a powerful, elegant and wise healer. Her knowledge of the body is vast and that wisdom is accompanied with a beautiful loving heart. She has a wonderful touch, clear presence and has deep intuitive skills.

Mark C., Dharma Teacher, Coach, CA

If being at home was not an emotionally comfortable nor safe place to be, this shelter in place can be
Being required to shelter in place, spend most of our time indoors in our home, and take walks only in
Parents & Kids: Breathing, Meditating, Grounding If you haven’t read Part 1 of this blog series, click the button below
When you take a walk outside, notice you are leaving the house, that you can leave. This is important for
Master The Moment! Co-Parenting Irony Your ex-spouse, if they are coparenting with you, is one of the people you can
A CREATIVE RESPONSE TO A RESISTANT CHILD Creative Parenting Piano Practice Last night, my daughter did not want to practice
Help Ground & Center, Boost Your Brain Coordination, & Support Learning! Parents & Kids Warm up Your Brain Practice: Tapping
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REPAIR- A VITAL KEY TO GOOD COMMUNICATION & CONNECTION Good communication leads to deep bonding and a sense of trust,
For children, parents are very important people, with whom children bond and learn. Your children are part of both you
Samantha-Terriss-Therapist-MFT-Blog-Transformint-Challenging-Moments: Part 2
Bring the Pause button into the relationship - Saying the word ‘Pause’ means an immediate pause in speech. It is an
Strengthen your own self soothing capacity and resilience. Recognize and respond intelligently to the attachment patterns at play. Create trust, good