Samantha’s support has been so helpful to my family. Her understanding of the mother child bond is so deep. The tools I have gotten have helped my child and I become closer, lowered his acting out behaviors and dramatically helped with his sensory integration issues and school performance. I feel calmer and my self esteem as a parent has improved!

— Margaret, Mother


Are you as a parent feeling alone, overwhelmed or confused?

Are you struggling to navigate with your children’s needs and boundaries?

Parent coaching is here to help.

Samantha will give you a supportive helping hand. Parent coaching sessions will help you learn skills to help you and your child sort through feelings and experiences, build a deeper connection, gain clearer communication and process trauma in a safe way. There is a wide range of emotional and physical struggles children and families may encounter, such as:

Communication challenges, issues of self esteem, learning and social difficulties, anxiety and depression, grief and loss, traumatic experiences, withdrawal or hyperactivity, attachment difficulties and divorce or separations.

Children’s Needs

Have you noticed that when you demand your child to do something that your child either pushes back or shuts down? First you need to connect with your children. From there requests can be made.

Children want you to offer them safe sanctuary. They need routines, rules and guidelines, as well as to have their thoughts and feelings understood. They also need places where their own inner authority has a real world effect.

Behaviors show underlying needs that are waiting to be met – such as the need for loving presence, the need for respect, the need for safety, the need for space, the need for understanding…etc

You may recognize that you too have these needs. Needs are universal and apply to parents and children alike.

Parenting coaching can help you bring awareness to your needs and those of your child(ren) so they can be met.

Samantha is very adept and skilled at finding creative solutions, through explorations, activities or visualizations that your child can do alone or with you.

Child Bonding

Research shows us that strong secure attachment and bonding leads to a healthy child and parent/child relationship. The simple act of being with your child, just to be, play with or be witness to their activity with your undivided attention (for just 20 minutes a day, changes can be seen). If you only have 10 minutes, then make the 10 minutes count! Let your child know they are of value and important to you.

Parent coaching can support secure bonding. Samantha is terrific at offering suggestions and can tailor them to your particular needs and your child’s disposition.

Samantha loves parent coaching and knows how humbling it is to be on a parent journey.

It is not about getting it perfect. It’s about being human and getting support and doing the best you can! You are obviously a caring and well intentioned parent if you are looking for parent coaching!

If we discover that more in-depth psychological help would be beneficial for you and your child or your family as a whole, then therapy sessions with Samantha can address those needs.

Gain confidence and secure connection with your kid.