I was amazed how quickly my love for my husband was rekindled. He and I both benefitted so much and have continued to use the skills we learned to deepen our intimacy. Samantha made couples therapy actually fun! It was also powerfully transformative and helpful. I highly recommend Samantha as a therapist.

— Jennifer, Screenwriter


Is your relationship failing or is it simply being put to the test with life’s trials and tribulations?

Have you or your partner been staying aloof, or distancing, or being quick to react or fight?

Is it possible that your relationship is asking you to deepen your own ability to hold onto yourself as well as lean into your partner enough for connection to have the fertile ingredients to grow?

Love is Transformative

The choice to love another can be a powerful transformative and rewarding choice, but sometimes even the best relationships need some perspective and new patterning over time.

The capacity to lean into someone, to trust someone and let them trust you, is one of the most difficult things to learn to do, especially if it is not what you have grown up with or know. Relationships give an opportunity to maintain your own personal integrity, remain sovereign within yourself, while creating intimacy with your partner.

Leaning in to love can be one of the richest and warmest experiences one can imagine. We lean in to love as we lean into ourselves and accompany ourselves through life. It takes commitment and the capacity to handle the ups and downs of life.

It is my pleasure to support you as you learn to love yourself deeper as you love with whom you choose to be in a relationship.

What if you could clear up the miscommunications, come together with clarity and compassion, and move forward with forgiveness, new skills and understanding?