Samantha helped soothe the terror in my body, mind and spirit so I could heal. She helped me feel grounded, inhabit my body without fear and access my true essential self. I thought I’d never recover from all my traumatic symptoms. Samantha helped me get my body back!

— Lisa, Business Consultant


When another person bears witness to our pain and stays in a relationship with us after knowing what has happened, trust is rebuilt.

Samantha integrates Somatic Experiencing®, a process of clearing our emotional and nervous system of blocked impulses, restricted during the traumatic event.

Somatic Experiencing is the process of tracking the body for sensations, feelings and impulses that have been blocked during an overwhelming experience so that they can be healed.

For example, it is common for people after having an overwhelming experience, such as car accidents, assaults, falls, surgeries, life changes, and/or illnesses, to develop symptoms that are not easily remedied by traditional therapies. It is not the events themselves that have caused the symptoms; rather, it is the responses to these events.

Our bodies ready themselves for fight or flight when overwhelmed. Sometimes these responses get blocked, and the energy gathered to respond, gets frozen in our body. Part of us stays in a hyper-aroused, dissociated and frozen state causing symptoms.

The key to resolving trauma and relieving symptoms is discharging the excess energy in our bodies. The rate that this energy leaves is crucial to effectively regulating the nervous system. It is our body’s ability to regulate that allows us the flexibility to respond to and recover.

Discharging the excess energy happens by working with our sensations. By staying with our sensations and impulses, we activate our survival energies, and renegotiate rather than relive the events.

The transformation that goes beyond the reduction of symptoms.

Untapped resources and a deeper sense of self are discovered, empowering and mobilizing individuals in their lives.