As a fellow therapist, I have learned from her and sought guidance in consultation with some difficult cases. Samantha is a pioneer in bringing somatic modalities and intuitive ways of knowing into the purview of traditional psychology. She is a most mature and skillful practitioner of Energy Psychology and I only wish more people were able to see her.

— Jeff, Marriage & Family Therapist

Healing Generational Wounds
It is proven that the traumas of two to three generations before us can be unconsciously passed down to us. You may be experiencing your parents, grandparents or even great grandparents feelings of depression, anxiety, fears, and physical symptoms. Breaking free from inherited trauma is profoundly healing.

Resolving Trauma
When another person bears witness to our pain and stays in a relationship with us after knowing what has happened, trust is rebuilt. Samantha integrates Somatic Experiencing®, a process of clearing our emotional and nervous system of blocked impulses, restricted during the traumatic event.
Interpersonal Neurobiology 
Our brains are neuroplastic, meaning they can change. When the brain is fed resonance and empathy, a person becomes more resourceful and resilient. Our brains are not wired to do it all alone. We are wired for connecting and bonding and belonging.
Energy Psychology
The electromagnetic bio-field is measurable around the body and is getting recognition in the field of psychology. Bioenergy systems such as meridians, and the cranio-sacral system are used in energy medicine and energy psychology. Feldenkrais has proven the power of awareness through movement. We are designed to heal.