Fun Body/Mind Practices for Kids: Part 2

Parents & Kids: Breathing, Meditating, Grounding

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Practice: Breathing, Sounding & Meditating

Take the amount of breaths that is your age. For example, if you are 5 years old, you are going to take 5 breaths. Breath in through your nose filling yourself with a beautiful color that makes you feel happy. Breath out through your mouth, making a sound that you feel vibrating in your belly. This gets your child in his/her body. When you both are ready, add in the second part of this practice.

You can also add a meditation practice for you and your child. If your child is 5, sit for 5 minutes. Sit comfortable, with your back straight and eyes gently closed (some children prefer keeping their eyes open and gazing at a lit candle, especially if doing this before bed).

Notice your breath coming in and going out. Notice the sounds around you. Notice the sensations in your body. Thoughts will also arise. See if you can bring your attention back to either your breath or your sensations. I suggest giving your child the choice each time of what to focus on. Keep it simple.

Practice: Rainbow Connections

First feel your feet on the ground. Imagine at the very center and bottom of your feet that there is an area that can breathe into the earth. As you breathe in, the supportive earth sends energy to you (pick a color that feels good to you). You can feel it go up your legs as you practice this, filling your legs with the color you choose. As you breath out, you bring your attention and energy under your feet and down into the earth. You are connecting and saying hello to mother earth. This will help you feel grounded, secure and strong.

Imagine many different colored pieces of rope. Now braid these ropes together into a strong sturdy rope. Use your mind to visualize that strong rainbow chord starting at your tailbone and moving down to the center of the earth. When it gets down to the center of the earth, use an extra strong knot or a magnet and root it down there firmly. This is your rainbow grounding chord. The more you practice it, the easier it will be to do.