Co-Parenting During Quarantine

Master The Moment!

Co-Parenting Irony

Your ex-spouse, if they are coparenting with you, is one of the people you can connect with in person since you are exposed to each other via your child.

It is an irony of our times. With over 50% of families facing divorce and children often living in 2 households, we are in a strange new time. The ex who you chose to separate from, is literally part of your family immune system. 

Shared Family Health

Your child is the bridge as when they go between homes they expose you and your ex-spouse to each other. If there is another partner, wife or husband, then that adds to the numbers whom we are exposed to. Tracking who is connecting with whom takes focus and communication.

There is a present need to be able to communicate with the other parent for basic health reasons and to lower the curve of the spreading of this virus while the healthcare system gets its footing and resources.


Are you isolating? What does that mean to you? 

Are you letting your child connect with a friend? Which friend? 

What agreements are being made with that other family? And on… and on… 

Preparation for ill health may arise. If you are isolating, what support can you lean on from the other parent? Financial questions may also be arising. How is that impacting you?

Share The Chores

Sharing grocery store runs may limit exposure. Communication is essential.

These times are asking you to learn to communicate better, and to be kinder and maybe get along in new ways.

If this is not possible, then as individuals, you must figure out ways to navigate this the best you can.

May this be a time for healing and growth between parents and within and among households.

I am here to support you whether you are needing to do family counseling or mediation.