A Creative Response to a Resistant Child


Creative Parenting

Piano Practice

Last night, my daughter did not want to practice piano. She loves piano, but sometimes, practicing is not the first thing on her to do list!

After unsuccessfully attempting to make her do it, with the following tactics that often work:

“The sooner you do it, the sooner we can cuddle up and read, or you can go play, etc.”

And “The more you play, the better you will get, and the more fun it will be.”

My daughter still was very unhappy about the practicing idea.

So I dug into my creative well as a mama and tried another tactic:

Play a few notes (music phrase) and I’ll see if I can repeat them.

Now switch, and you follow my phrase.

This was working. Interest was sparking.

Can you make a music phrase that says you are happy and excited?

Again, I moved to her music (you can just make expressions, but getting up and moving is more fun!)

Then we changed roles and I made the music phrase and she moved.

By the end of these rounds, and a few others…such as surprised, scared, shy, mischievous..etc…

My daughter was ready to practice.

I had met her need to be connected with.

Her emotional body got a chance to let some steam off.


The joy of playing music had returned.

Success. (Celebrate these moments and build on them!)