Fun Body/Mind Practices for Kids: Part 1

Help Ground & Center, Boost Your Brain Coordination, & Support Learning!

Parents & Kids Warm up Your Brain

Practice: Tapping And Shaking

Tap your body lightly waking yourself up! Don’t forget your head! 

Shake out your hands, and then your arms. Shake out your feet, and then your legs. Shake out your face, and relax your jaw and let a sound out if you want. Shake your whole body slowly and then fast and then slowly again. Now just rest – sit or lay down for a moment. Feel your body.

Practice: Turn On Your Brain Buttons  

With one hand put the palm of your hand on your belly button.

With the other hand, rub firmly below your collarbone (thumb on one side/button, and the other fingers on the other side/button).

Practice: Figure Eights

Draw figure eights with your dominant hand (the one you write with) and then with your non dominant hand. Do 8 in each direction! Make them small and big. 

Follow the hand you are drawing with your head and eyes while doing this exercise with one hand. 

Now try doing figure eights with both hands at the same time, continuously all over the page. You can rest your eyes in the middle of the page when you use both hands!

Practice: Cross Crawl

Put some music on or sing while you are cross crawling. Cross crawling happens when you touch your right hand to your left knee and then your left hand to your right knee! Try doing it standing and finding the coordination. After you have the swing of things, try singing at the same time or even doing some basic math sequencing (such as counting to 10 or higher, counting in 2’s or 3’s, or even trying multiplication tables. Make it so your brain has to work and it is still fun!)