Repair – Communication & Connection

REPAIR- A VITAL KEY TO GOOD COMMUNICATION & CONNECTION Good communication leads to deep bonding and a sense of trust, safety and belonging. It is essential to clear up the miscommunications or hurtful impactful moments in your relationships. Emotional scar tissue builds on top of old wounds with silence or repetition. Empathy and connection can not happen in this tight […]

Parents Matter to Children

For children, parents are very important people, with whom children bond and learn. Your children are part of both you and their other parent. Children and their parents belong to each other whether their parents are together or not. For your children’s sake, you as parents, both matter immensely. The energetic and emotional field between you both is real and […]

Transform Challenging Moments: Part 2

Bring the Pause button into the relationship – Saying the word ‘Pause’ means an immediate pause in speech. It is an invitation to take a minimum of three calming breaths. This slows things down when needed. Acquire a calm state and be able to make eye contact before speech continues. PART 2:  HELPFUL TIPS FOR TRANSFORMING CHALLENGING MOMENTS  If you haven’t […]

Part 1: Helpful Tips for Transforming Challenging Moments

Strengthen your own self soothing capacity and resilience. Recognize and respond intelligently to the attachment patterns at play. Create trust, good communication and connection. Physically hold yourself – literally give yourself a hug or put your hand on your heart. These are suggestions.Please do what feels right and comfortable for you.  Physically hold yourself – literally give yourself a hug or […]